Mystery at the Lake House: Monsters Below

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  2. Through Her Blood!
  3. Monsters Below (Mystery at the Lake House #1) by Laura S. Wharton;

Steel Cove Steel Cove is a private military encountered multiple times throughout the story. The Lakehouse discussion thread August 30, by Breakbar.

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New Rules August 9, by Breakbar. Not another radio. Come on i I like running into battle and killing everyone and this gun is perfect for that. Latest Discussions. Loading Discussions Which mission do you think will be released next?

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The Scientist. The SCRS. The Black Dusk. The poll was created at on September 10, , and so far people voted. Which playstyle is your favourite? What is your favourite mission?

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The Blacksite. The Financier.

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The Deposit. The Lakehouse. The Withdrawal. The poll was created at on September 10, , and so far 87 people voted.

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The incident was documented in several local and regional newspapers, including the Geneva Gazette, the Elmira Star-Gazzette, the Sunday Telegraph, and the Syracuse Journal. The story was granted credence due to the number of notable citizens on board who described seeing the creature, including a sheriff, a geology professor, and several public works commissioners. While in the s, we had to trust people for their word, today we have the luxury of demanding photographic evidence, and many have delivered.

Some even report their sightings directly to Pike, like one man who was staying in Belhurst Castle at the northern end of Seneca Lake. The most logical explanation for these sightings, and the one Pike believes to be the most likely, is that the creatures people are seeing are actually lake sturgeon.


Lake sturgeon are a type of temperate freshwater fish that are typically feet long and weigh lbs. Due to its length and depth, the lake only freezes over about once every years. But hopefully, nature proves me wrong. Because I would love for it to be real.

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